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3 Ways a Hair Dryer Can be Used to Boost Thin Hair

Drying Dilemma

Sometimes, you simply want to add a little more texture and bounce to your style after washing your hair, but you’re not sure how!

Adding lift can prove to be a challenge, but hairdryers are the ultimate tool to use.

These tips can be integrated easily into your regular post-shower routine, so let’s see what they are.

1. Brush Technique

During the drying process, brush your hair from underneath and blow-dry the hair on top.

While using this technique, brush up and away from your head.

This method helps to provide more lift at the roots to give the illusion of more volume.

2. The “Upside Down” Trick

The time-old technique hailed for its effectiveness!

It’s as simple as flipping your head upside down and blow-drying your hair as it dangles to the floor.

The “Upside Down” trick works similarly to tip one by drying the hair in a position that provides lift.

3. Ditch the Brush

Sometimes, simple is best.

Tousle your hair at the roots when drying it to create that lifted look for an effortless style.

Blow and Boost

Now you know how to maximise volume using just your brush and hairdryer!

Test out all these techniques and find what works for you.

Just remember to use your heat protector to help prevent your hair from becoming damaged!

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