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Coping with Hair Loss – Ariana Grande

This weeks – Celebrities Struggles With Hair Loss – we’re taking a look at the gorgeous Grande!

Cause of Hair Loss

As a teen, Ariana was well known for her role as Cat in Victorious.

Cat’s iconic look consisted of bright red hair, which required regular bleaching and dying to maintain.

The constant chemical upkeep caused Ariana’s hair to break and become extremely damaged, thus leading to hair loss.

Coping With It

Repairing damage from excessive dying is a long process and a difficult one at that.

Ariana’s signature look of a high pony actually came about from her needing a style that could hide the damage in public.

She reverted to her natural colour and is giving her hair the chance to repair itself.

Hiding VS Helping

The tight pony can cause damage to hair as well, as can excessive use of extensions.

They can cause a condition known as traction alopecia, which is where the friction and pulling on the hair follicles causes bald patches.

Ariana’s fame may have extended repair time as being in the public eye has caused her to use these methods to hide thinning.

So, next time you envy her sleek high pony, remember that it started as a way to hide her hair issues.

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