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Fine VS Thin Hair (Did You Know?)

Are they the same?

Let’s talk about the terminology we use to describe your hair.

Most people use the terms fine hair and thin hair interchangeably. However, they actually have different meanings.

So, what really defines which of these applies to your mane?

Fine Hair

The defining factor of fine hair is the thickness of its individual strands.

How fine or coarse your hair is will depend on the diameter and circumference of each strand.

The smaller the diameter, the finer the hair.

Thin Hair

On the other hand, thin hair looks at your locks as a whole.

Whether your hair is thick or thin is defined by the density of your hair follicles, which is how close together each strand is.

The smaller the number of follicles in a particular space, the thinner the hair, and vice versa.

Therefore, you will often hear the term ‘thinning’ used to describe balding, as there are becoming fewer hair strands per unit of space.

Are they mutually exclusive?

No, definitely not!

You can have any combination of texture and thickness from fine and thick to fine and thin, or even coarse and thin.

Knowing these terms will help you understand your hair better, and will allow you to find the best products and assistance available to boost your style!

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