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Natural Methods of Combating Thinning Hair

Nature’s Warriors

Many people claim that changing your diet or using natural ingredients for hair care can help prevent and repair breakage, leaving you with thicker and stronger hair. Here are my favourites of mother nature’s methods!

1. Increase the amount of protein in your diet

Hair mostly comprises of a protein called Keratin. Therefore, upping your protein intake can help promote hair growth by encouraging more cell growth in the follicles.

2. Massage coconut oil into your hair

It’s believed that coconut oil can aid protein binding in the hair strands to prevent breakage, as well as assisting against UV light exposure.

Also, the massaging technique can stimulate blood flow to promote growth.

3. Free Your Hair

Excessive styling and heat can pull the hair at the root and break hair shafts.

Give your hair a break, and leave your hair down instead of in a ponytail or braid. Also, let it dry naturally after washing.

4. Do yoga

I know it sounds strange.

However, most people know that stress is a leading cause of hair loss. Yoga can reduce stress, and consequently improve hair growth.

Have you ever tried any natural methods to combat thin hair? Share your thoughts here

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