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3 of the Most Common Causes of Thinning Hair

3 of the Most Common Causes of Thinning Hair

Common Causes of a Common Condition

Thinning hair is by no means a rare occurrence, so it can often be helpful to have some insight into why it happens. Let’s take a look at a few of the many contributory factors.

1. Stress

Stress crops up everywhere, whether it’s due to mental health (such as anxiety), or whether you’re worked up over a particular situation.

The trauma that stress causes to your body pushes your hair follicles into “resting” mode, preventing it from growing as it should – thus causing your hair to thin.

2. Improper Hair Care

Falling into the trap of not believing you can over-care for your hair can be just as bad as not caring at all.

Excessive treatments (such as dying, bleaching or perming); constant styling; and over-use of products can all cause damage to your locks, follicles, or even your scalp – causing your hair to break or preventing growth.

3. Medical Reasons

You may find that your thinning hair is due to a medical reason.

Most frequently, this includes changes in hormones after giving birth, obtaining a head injury, or going through cancer treatment.

If you’re faced with thinning hair, remember there are many common causes.

Don’t Panic!

Research, read-up, and relax.

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