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Celebrity’s Coping With Hair Loss – Jesy Nelson

Celebrity’s Coping With Hair Loss – Jesy Nelson

Suffering From a Young Age

The gorgeous Jesy Nelson – best known for being in the band Little Mix – started struggling with hair loss as a young teen.

She revealed that she first noticed her hair coming out when she was around 13.

Hair loss can be difficult at any age. However, imagine going through it at a time when you’re young and still facing harsh judgement on your looks from peers.

Bullied for Being Different

Jesy believes that the predominant cause of her alopecia was stress.

During school, she was unfortunately picked on regularly by bullies.

She has spoken out about how she used to be bullied because of the way she would dress, and for being different. 

As a consequence, her stress levels were high, thus causing her to experience stress-related alopecia.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

The Little Mix star is now happy where she is with her hair, and the support of her band mates has been pivotal in regaining her confidence.

She talked about how the experience has made her stronger.

It’s amazing how being around the right people and best support can help you overcome obstacles and take control!

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