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How to Help Keep Greasy Hair at Bay

How to Help Keep Greasy Hair at Bay

Goodbye Grease

How many of you have been between washes and turned around and said, “My hair is greasy again already!”?

Chances are, most of you have.

It can be hard trying to manage greasy hair, especially if you struggle with thin or fine locks, but that’s why I’m here to help!

Check out the following tips and advice to get the grease gone.


Way too many people are under the impression that hair must get washed every 1-2 days to prevent oil build-up.

Do not let yourself fall into this habit because it begins a vicious cycle.

1.       You’ll wash your hair to cleanse it.

2.       Hair becomes stripped of its natural oils.

3.       Your scalp compensates for this by producing extra oils.

4.       Hair appears greasy.

5.       You wash it… again. Then it goes on and on and on!

Once you’re in this trap, it’s hard to escape, but trust us.

You should only wash and condition your hair a maximum of 2 times a week to prevent it from becoming reliant on shampoo.

Condition at Ends

Conditioner helps with the moisture in your hair.

The roots receive more moisture than the tips because they’re closer to where the natural oils get produced.

As a result, conditioning roots can cause hair to appear greasy sooner due to a combination of conditioner and oils.

Try to keep conditioning to the ends to keep them hydrated and smooth.

Everyone’s Best Friend – Dry Shampoo

If you’re feeling a little ‘yuck’ between shampoos, don’t reach for the shower!

Dry shampoo is your little miracle.

Help hide the onset of greasy hair using a spray of dry shampoo, and prevent yourself from falling into that vicious cycle mentioned above.

The more your hair gets used to longer times between washes, the less greasy it will be.

Shampoo Less, Smile More

Keeping greasy hair at bay is healthy for both you and your wallet!

Think of the money saved on shampoo and conditioner by only using twice a week, as well as water and electricity, as you’ll take shorter showers.

Be friendly to your hair, and your wallet will thank you too!

Now you know how best to prevent your hair from getting gross and greasy too quickly between washes.

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