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Parting Like a Pro for Those With Thinning Hair

Parting Like a Pro for Those With Thin Hair 

Go For a Deep Part

Opting for a deep side part is a fast and effective way to add some volume and lift to your locks.

This method works particularly well if your hair is beginning to feel a little limp or lifeless.

Essentially, a deep part works by moving a larger portion of the hair to one side to give it an illusion of thickness.

So, for that quick extra boost, this is the style to pick!

How To Do It

As I said, this style is incredibly easy!

Brush through your hair, ensuring that you brush from front to back so that there’s no parting.

Using the corner of the comb, drag it through your hair from front to back, and then separate the hair to either side.

Neaten up the line and any strays strands, and you’re good to go!

If you find that you struggle to keep your hair in the side part, a little hairspray may help, but don’t overdo it as you can weigh down your hair.

Bonus Tip:

For a more effortlessly messy and casual look, ditch the comb and simply brush your hair over to one side by running your hand through it and flicking it over.

Perfect Placement

Of course, it’s up to you and your personal preference as to where you prefer your part. However, there’s one commonly used specific placement that gets the best out of your side part.

Line it up with your eyebrow.

The line of the part should follow up from the highest point in your brow. Trace from your brow up using the comb to find the right spot.

Ready to Go

So, now you’re fully prepared for any last-minute efforts to fight the flop and add texture and volume to thin hair.

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