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The Top 2 Benefits of Getting a Hair Cut

The Top 2 Benefits of  Getting a Hair Cut

Don’t Skip The Trim

Many people believe that your hair doesn’t benefit from cutting it, so they will often leave it to grow.

This thought could be for a range of reasons, including to ‘let it grow quicker’, or to save money.

So, let me show you why exactly it’s necessary to get the chop!

Longer Locks

Let’s start by clarifying one thing. Trimming your hair will not make it grow any quicker!

Your hair grows at the root from the follicle, so trimming the ends does not affect this process whatsoever.

However, it does help you to grow your hair longer by doing the following:

·         Removes split ends

·         Prevent Tangles

·         Removes damaged ends

The combination of these improves the overall hair strength, so you should be able to grow it longer due to decreasing the amount of breakage and tearing.

Thicker Appearance

Have you ever noticed how your hair is often thicker at the roots than the ends between cuts?

The cause of this is the damage and split ends at the tips of your strands.

Removing the damage will help you to get rid of those thin and lifeless strands that were caused by sections of split ends snapping off.

As a result, your hair retains its thickness from root to tip, helping your hair to appear instantly thicker and healthier!

The Best For Your Hair

As you can see, trimming hair is highly beneficial.

Yes, you may initially be loath to lose the length of your locks, but it’s worth it for the pay off in the long run.

Regular cuts can lead you to have fuller, healthier hair that’s much more manageable and will send your confidence soaring!

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