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Thin Hair Nightmares – How to Tame and Prevent Flyaways

Taming and Preventing Flyaways

Fear Of The Frizz

Frizzy and flyaway hair is a nightmare for anyone, but it can be even worse if you have thin hair.

With thicker hair, it can be less noticeable against your mane, but with thinner hair, it can stick out like a sore thumb!

Here are some of my top tips for taming your flyaways!

1. Prevent Not Solve

Everyone lunges for the styling products and bobby pins to try and hide flyaways after styling their hair, but why?

Preventing the issue is more effective than solving it!

Try incorporating a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically to combat frizz into your hair care routine.

It may not stop all those pesky pieces, but it can make it much more manageable and can remove a huge chunk of the problem.

2. Toothbrush Tricks

It turns out toothbrushes aren’t only great at keeping those pearly whites fresh, but also at flattening those baby hairs!

Spray a small amount of hairspray onto a toothbrush and gently brush down any flyaways. It’s gentle enough not to mess up your hair and small enough to avoid excessive use of hair products.

3. Invest in a Silk Pillowcase

Silk provided less friction than cotton, so your locks don’t get as tangled and pulled during the night.

Consequently, it helps prevent frizz and bedhead, leaving your hair silky smooth!

So, it doesn’t have to be an impossible task to tame those flyaways.

Get to the root of the problem, and you’re already most of the way there.

Then it’s just up to those little touches to go from flyaway to fly in no time at all!

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