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The Best Oils for Thinning Hair

At-Home Hair Treatment – The Best Oils for Thinning Hair

Benefits of Oils

Along with the massage action used to apply them, essential oils can assist in stimulating hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp or reducing inflammation.

Studies have shown essential oils to be beneficial in strengthening the hair and improving growth.

Some oils – such as lavender – promote growth by providing antibacterial properties, thus improving the general condition of the scalp. The same is true for the antimicrobial properties of tea tree oil.

Beneficial oils include (but are not limited to) the following for hair growth:

·         Peppermint

·         Rosemary

·         Tea Tree

·         Lavender

·         Cedarwood

·         Thyme

And the below are suitable carrier oils for diluting the essential oils:

·         Shea

·         Coconut

·         Almond

·         Avocado

·         Grapeseed

Choosing the right carrier oil can also have a significant impact on your hair. For instance, shea and coconut can nourish and moisture the hair and scalp.

Sourcing the Products

Believe it or not, you can find most of these oils in your local supermarket or natural food store.

Alternatively, beauty companies or online retailers may offer these products. For example, coconut or shea oils are available at The Body Shop.

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Home Treatments

Let’s take a look at how to prepare and use oil-based treatments at home.

Warning: Always follow manufacturer instructions and be sure to check for any safety advice – such as how much the oil should be diluted by to prevent irritation. If you experience any adverse reaction, cease use of the product immediately, and consult your GP.

The method for making treatments is similar for most applications. However, amounts vary.

We’ll go through the main outline of the preparation process – then we’ll provide a couple of examples for the variants.

Always aim to carry out these treatments in the evening since some oils can increase scalp sensitivity to sunlight.

1.       Mix your chosen essential oil with the carrier oil.

2.       Massage into your hair – focusing majorly on the scalp.

3.       Leave the oil in for the designated time, then rinse through with shampoo.

4.       Optional: Finish by conditioning your hair.

Top Tip: Rinse your hair with cool water once you’ve washed out the oil to help your hair retain moisture.

The process is that simple!

Below are a few examples of various essential oils in the following format –

Oil / Amount of Essential Oil / Amount of Carrier Oil / Time to Leave on Hair

Rosemary / A Few Drops / Variable / 10 Minutes
Thyme / 2 Drops / 2 Tablespoons / 10 Minutes
Lavender / A Few Drops / 3 Tablespoons / 10 Minutes
Peppermint / 2 Drops / Variable / 5 Minutes

For any other oil, you should be able to find the appropriate measurements and times by completing a quick google search.

The mixtures can be used anywhere from daily to weekly, so always check the instructions to improve safety.

Home Hair Care

If you’re worried about hair loss or thinning, using essential oils can provide a quick and relatively cheap solution.

They are simple to prepare, and they add on up to half an hour maximum to your regular shower ritual – a large chunk of which you can spend doing alternative tasks while the treatment works.

In modern society, many people prefer to opt for natural choices. That’s why using oils to improve the strength and volume of natural hair may be a preferable choice for consumers who don’t wish to use hair systems.

Additionally, these natural remedies don’t require expensive upkeep and regular salon visits.

So, for those with a busy life who prefer mother nature’s solutions, essential oil treatments might be the best choice for you!

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