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The Magic of Colour for Fine Hair

The Magic of Colour for Fine Hair 

Crazy for Colour

Those with fine hair are often informed about how they could benefit from layers or various hair cuts to give the appearance of texture and body.

However, it’s much rarer to hear about the use of colour.

Not everyone wants to opt for a shorter cut or one with layers, so this method provides an alternative option.

Let’s take a look at how to use colour to your advantage.

Hide it With Highlights or Low-lights

Depending on your hair colour, you can use either highlights or low-lights to give the illusion of thickness and texture.

The lighter your hair, the thinner it can appear. So, if your hair is naturally light, you could benefit from the addition of darker strands to add depth.

Alternatively, if your hair is dark, you should opt for highlights. Adding lighter strands once again result in the illusion of texture, helping the hair to look less flat.

Please bear in mind that you will need to visit a salon to get the best results. They’ll know how to work with your hair to optimise the outcome.

Doing a home dye job to gain this effect can leave your hair looking thinner, so leave it to the pros!

Don’t Overdo It

Keep this in mind if using this method.

Over-processing hair can do more damage than good.

So, always visit a salon for your colour, and let the professionals assess whether your hair can handle the chemicals.

If they say it will cause excessive damage, do not go home and use a box dye! It will have the total opposite effect as it can cause your hair to snap and break off.

This method can be super effective, but only when it’s completed well!

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