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How to Create a Braided Hair Style

You’ll LOVE This Adorable Style for Fine Hair 

The Braided Updo

For a super cute style that will add shape to your hair and hide thinness with its beauty, this should be your go-to!

There are many variations of this style. So, I’m going to talk you through a couple of the basics. You’ll then have the foundation to build from to achieve your personalised look.

Ready? Let’s go.

How to Do It

As mentioned above, there are endless possibilities, so this is just a breakdown of the simplest versions.

1. The first step is to ensure your hair is clean and tangle-free with a centre parting. Use any texturizing powder or product here if you wish.

2a. Loose Braids

For this version, step two is to take a large chunk from the top layer of hair at the front on one side.

It’s up to you whether to leave a small section to frame your face.

Then, plait it, and secure it with a hair elastic.

Repeat on the other side.

2b. French/Dutch Braids

For this version, French or Dutch braid both sides of your hair. Once again, allow small sections to hang loose at the front if you wish.

3. Gather the remaining hair and/or braid ends at the back of your head and tie it into a messy bun (use bobby pins if needed).

4. Tweak the hair as required for extra effect. For example, pull the braid sections to widen them or tease small tendrils out of the bun.

5. Finish with a light spritz of hairspray.

Make it Yours

After the initial style’s complete, you can use many adjustments to make the style your own!

Why not add some loosely curled tendrils of hair at the front to help frame your hair? Or, perhaps you could add your fav clip into the back?

For that boho style, pin a flower crown around your head, following the line of the braids.

There are endless possibilities!

What would you do?

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