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Coronavirus and Hair Loss – The Facts

A Rise in Hair Loss Consultations

Multiple sources have reported on how dermatologists have seen a rise in contact from patients experiencing hair loss since the outbreak of coronavirus.

There is a debate as to whether hair loss is a symptom of COVID-19.

Multiple people who suffered from coronavirus stated that they began to notice hair loss a few weeks after recovering from the virus.

However, there’s currently not enough information to be able to make any sure-fire claims.

COVID-19 and Stress

For the most part, it’s believed that the hair loss these patients are experiencing is a form of stress-induced telogen effluvium.

When someone goes through an emotionally taxing experience or is going through extreme stress, they can experience hair loss as a result.

For more information on what exactly happens, why don’t you take a look at our blog regarding the causes of hair loss?

This form of alopecia tends to present itself two to four months after the initial stress or emotional trigger due to the hair going through growth and shedding phases.

It’s believed that the stress of lockdown measured – or of contracting the virus itself – could be the cause.

Could the Virus Be the Cause?

As previously mentioned, there’s currently not enough evidence to be able to answer this.

That said, COVID-19 is an aggressive virus that has shown the ability to elicit an intense immune response.

Due to this, it’s impossible to be able to completely rule out hair loss as a reaction of the body’s immune system.

Experiencing Hair Loss

If you’re experiencing hair loss and you’re concerned as to whether it could be as a result of coronavirus – stress-induced or otherwise – it’s advised that you speak to your GP or another qualified professional.

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