Born from a desire to give a young girl back her confidence.

At the age of 16, with once flowing locks of hair, my client received a diagnosis of scaring alopecia which resulted in the loss of most of her hair. She found this experience devastating due to its profound impact on her self-confidence and self-esteem which resulted in severe anxiety and diminished quality of life. Despite researching and trying various products, she was unable to find a solution that met all her needs.      

The desire to help my client and others going through similar circumstances lead to the creation of a range of integrated hair systems that cut across all hair thinning and hair loss conditions. Our mission is to empower individuals to feel confident about their hair so they can live life to the fullest.

Extensive testing was undertaken during the design phase to ensure our solution addressed the limitations associated with other products such as bulkiness, rigidity, weight and composition. All UltraStrands products are created to be light, versatile, breathable and give entirely natural results.

Several years ago, UltraStrands changed the life of my client and her family. Today, many more people across the UK, USA and Europe are choosing to wear UltraStrands. 

Why Choose UltraStrands

UltraStrands hair loss solutions are light, breathable and versatile and ensures a natural look and feel for the wearer. Our products are available in a variety of custom colours, lengths and textures.

Market research emphasised the importance of creating hair integration systems that individuals felt comfortable and confident wearing. As the lightest hair integration systems created in the UK, UltraStrands differs from other systems that are heavy and inflexible. Many clients had raised concerns about alternative systems which they likened to wearing a wig or hat. They also noted the detrimental impact such systems had on their natural hair and scalp which resulted in them losing even more hair. UltraStrands addresses these issues and is kind to the wearers scalp and natural hair.   

Key Benefits

Lightest hair integration system created in the UK

Custom and bespoke options for hole sizes and densities to accommodate varying degrees of fine/thinning hair.

Broad range of custom colours, lengths and textures

Seamlessly blends with natural hair to add instant volume

Allows scalp to breath by being fully breathable

Hair treatments can be applied whilst installed (direct access to your scalp)

Versatile styling 

Enables for a natural hairline as opposed to a ridge that can be created by closures.

Does not require shaving of your existing hair for installation